Who We are

Genius Mind Zone is a Name of trust in providing reliable IT solutions to businesses. Our experience in developing enterprise-class solutions comes from years of hard work, dedication and passion. We gain immense popularity over the years by delivering qualitative solutions to businesses includes creative services of web design, corporate identity design, Business intelligence, Brand marketing, content engineering, Search Engine Optimization and Mobile application development.

Through working on range of projects, we’ve learnt there is no one-solution-fit-all kind of concept work, but we’ve found our innovation in design and development approach to any problem gives our client the best solution of time.

Our History

Company History

  1. Company founded as “Genius Mind Zone”

  2. Finibus Bonorum et Malorum

  3. We successfully maintain our brand identity

  4. GMZ registered with Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA).

  5. GMZ organized national & international training camp

  6. GMZ Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Record Growth

  7. Now we are working on latest technologies like MQL4, MQL5, Laravel, MongoDB, MySQL, ASPX, Android, iOS, Node.js, Vue.js, Express.js, Feathers.js etc.

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