Our aim is to target all those Muslims who can’t read or understand the Holy Quran from all over the world and facilitate them by providing a friendly online tuition service which leads them to learn and read the HOLY QURAN with tajweed online.

We welcome all those who want to understand Islamic knowledge by learning Quran. We offer our online tuition services globally for Males and Females. Those who don’t know how to read the best book of the world “The HOLY QURAN” can contact us to get its precious knowledge. We offer the teaching of BASIC TAJWEED (QAIDA), QURAN READING WITH TAJWEED, Learn Noorani Qaida online, MEMORIZE QURAN ONLINE, LEARN QURAN ONLINE FOR BEGINNERS, and LEARN ISLAMIC STUDIES ONLINE FOR KIDS. Students can also contact us for ANY TYPE of Islamic knowledge. Students can also LEARN TEN QIRAT ONLINE, ONLINE IJAZAH COURSE, PILLARS OF ISLAM, LEARN DAILY SUPPLICATION, ONLINE SHORT COURSES, SIGNS OF THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT, SALAH-THE COOLNESS OF MY EYES, SUNNAT RASOOL S.A.W IN THE LIGHT OF MODERN SCIENCE. We offer our online classes in the afternoon session and in the evening session

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